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Rajesh Lingam

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A Bit About Rajesh

Rajesh Lingam has been giving solutions for product deployment and automation. He has done his bachelors in Electronics. Is very interested in improving his knowledge on product architecture. He is always oriented towards achieving quick solutions for day-to-day routine jobs and is innovative enough to get things done in a non-conventional approach.

The Complete Works of Rajesh

16 Nov 2007
Cluster Configuration on SLES 9
Rajesh Lingam explains how to set up a Cluster environment for ZENworks Linux Management, FTP, HTTP, Samba servers, etc. on SLES.

29 Oct 2007
Samba Configuration and File Sharing on SLES 10
Rajesh Lingam explains how to configure Samba on SLES 10 for sharing files and directories on Linux or Windows.

16 Oct 2007
Mounting/Viewing Windows/Linux shared files on Linux
This script will help in Mounting/Viewing shared files from Windows or Linux on a Linux machine.

11 Sep 2007
Automatic Login and Logout for Testing ZENworks Configuration Management Policies for Windows
Ever wish you had an easy way to perform a Login and Logout operation on a Windows Managed Device over a period of time without manual intervention? Check out this great solution from Novell engineers Lingam Rajesh and Vijay Kumar Kunchakuri.

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