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08 Dec 1999
Configuring and Troubleshooting Workstation Association
In the ZENworks 2 release of Application Management (ZAM), one of the largest new features is what we call Workstation Association. This feature extends all of ZAM's capabilities (distribution, copying files, registry setting, INI file editing, text files editing, etc.) to a Workstation using the workstation object and workstation connection to NDS provided by Novell Workstation Manager.

24 Nov 1999
The Basics of Pre-Install
Pre-install is a mechanism whereby an administrator (admin) can have software pushed to a workstation/user prior to the actual use or request to use the software. For example: the admin is rolling out Office 97 to all workstations in the enterprise, and wants the majority of the distribution to be done without the user having to wait for it to happen. By using the pre-install feature, the administrator can configure the pre-installation of the application to happen late at night. The next day, when the user runs one of the Office 97 applications, the only distribution done is the user-specific portions. This makes the launching of the application quick and requires no reboot at that point. Pre-install can be thought of as a specialized force-run/distribution mechanism.

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