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The Complete Works of Israel

16 Jun 2003
Checking for Duplicate Usernames
Here's a nifty tool written by DirXML aficionado Israel Forst that'll help you ferret out those pesky duplicate usernames in your directory.

19 May 2003
Username DupSearch
Find duplicate user names in tree.

03 Feb 2003
Using LDAP to Populate Home Address
Use these tips to populate Home Address fields in eDirectory via LDAP.

03 Feb 2003
Postal Addresses and LDAP
It's LDAP trivia time! Did you know that information like city, state, and zip are all stored in a single LDAP string? Here's the explanation.

10 Dec 2002
Keep Users and Groups Synchronized with this Driver
If you use DirXML and LDAP to keep things in your directory current and up-to-date, here's a driver that will tie up a few loose ends inherently left by the update process.

10 Dec 2002
Effectively Reading a DirXML Trace File
Here's a great article to help you troubleshoot your DirXML implementations and understand, really, those trace files.

06 Dec 2002
Importing Schema Extensions
Here's a tip from Israel Forst to take the chill out of using ICE to import eDirectory schema extensions.

22 Nov 2002
Why Upgrade to 8.7? How About [This]?
Here's a cool feature of eDirectory 8.7 that seems to be a pretty well-kept secret. Among other things, it has to do with allowing authenticated users to modify their own information in eDirectory.

21 Nov 2002
Group Membership Updater
DirXML driver that keeps User and Group pointers synchronized after LDAP updates.

14 Nov 2002
Creating a ConsoleOne Attribute Map
Here's a clever way that Novell Consultant Israel Forst uses to generate a guide to how fields in ConsoleOne (like Department) map to attributes in eDirectory (like OU).

27 Aug 2002
Discover DirXML's Advanced Features
If you're craving for info on some of DirXML's more advanced features like Channel Write-Back and Queries, here's the beef. The AppNotes team pulled together three of Novell's finest to write a pair of excellent articles on nothing but DirXML's advanced features. Get 'em here.

24 May 2002
Using the Modify-Password Feature of DirXML 1.1
DirXML 1.1 gives you the power to modify passwords in eDirectory when users are added to or modified in one of a network's publisher applications. Israel Forst shows us how with a sample stylesheet and detailed explanation.

24 May 2002
Modify Password Stylesheet
XSLT stylesheet for DirXML 1.1 that modifies passwords in eDirectory.

19 Feb 2002
DirXML eDirectory Change Log Tool
Have you ever wanted to log the changes made to the objects in your eDirectory tree? Check out this DirXML tool written by Israel Forst and Holger Dopp.

19 Feb 2002
Change Log Tool
Use DirXML to create a log of changes made to objects in your eDirectory tree(s).

13 Feb 2002
eDirectory Change Log Tool
Have you ever wanted to log the changes made to the objects in your eDirectory tree? Check out this tool written by Israel Forst and Holger Dopp.

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