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16 Jun 1999
Calendar Printing: It Keeps On Going
Here we are again, as promised, with more improvements to Calendar Printing.

03 Jun 1999
Let's Work Together
If you've been reluctant to use GroupWise Integrations, read on! Or, if you've already ventured out into the GroupWise Integrations forest and feel like you're wandering in the dark or dying a slow death, read on! We've got stuff for you too.

01 Jun 1999
Document Management: Welcome to the Real Paperless Office
What you really need is a way to distribute documents to co-workers and still control who reads them, or the ability to give co-workers your latest and greatest java script without dredging up a disk and walking down the hall -- right?

01 Jun 1999
Proxy: See the World from Someone Else's Mailbox
With the GroupWise Proxy and Access List features, your boss can give you rights to proxy his Mailbox, and then you'll know. You'll be able to see if his Calendar is chuck full of sunbathing and trips to the drugstore for tanning lotion, or if he's busy growing the business and making money?so he can give you a big, hefty bonus.

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