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Senior Technical Consultant, Identity Infrastructure.

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08 Aug 2007
Cool Blog: Are You Ready for eDirectory 8.8 SP2?
Jaimon Jose explains the top reasons why you should be excited about the upcoming eDirectory 8.8 SP2 release, including performance boost, encryption features, security enhancements, and more ...

11 Jul 2007
Cool Blog: Domain Services for Windows
In this Cool Blog, Jaimon Jose explains the benefits of the new Domain Services for Windows feature of OES 2, applied to eDirectory and Active Directory.

14 Dec 2005
Leveraging Security Features in eDirectory 8.8
Hot topic 1: Security ... Hot topic 2: the new eDirectory 8.8. Put these together and you get a great new AppNote from Garg Shailesh and Jaimon Jose that helps you get the most from Encrypted Attributes and Encrypted Replication.

16 Apr 2002
Using and Managing Dynamic Groups
Dynamic Groups are a slick new feature in eDirectory 8.6.x that makes management of large and complex organizations a lot of fun -- for some of us. Here's an article from AppNotes that dives deep into this new technology.

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