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James Davey
NetWare 6 CNE

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A Bit About James

James is the senior network specialist for Glenbrook High School District 225 in Northbrook, IL. His speciality and main responsibility is desktop and server management for approximately 6000 users, 1200 workstations and 20 Netware 6.5 servers managed with ZfD and ZfS 7.0.1.

The Complete Works of James

25 Apr 2007
Using ZENworks to push out Group Policies in Windows 2000/XP
If you find that you have to reboot twice after changing group policies, check out this tip from James Davey to save yourself a bit of time.

13 Apr 2007
Using ZENworks to prevent Microsoft Installer from running in MSOffice products
James Davey shares a neat trick that will make it faster for students to open Office programs.

05 Apr 2007
How to use NAL Application Dependencies
If you ever need to distribute suites of programs or any program that requires prerequisite programs to be installed first, you will love this new offering from frequent contributor James Davey.

29 Mar 2007
Remote Control Policy Considerations
Freshly Updated: Ever wonder how other people set up their remote control policies so they keep everyone happy, and still retain the ability to monitor and control things when they need to? Check out this excellent list from James Davey showing how he set things up in a school system. OPEN CALL: If you have a different twist on things, let us know and we'll add it to the article.

20 Mar 2007
Creating GroupWise Spam Filtering Rules
Here's a tip from James Davey that helps you set up a GroupWise spam filter to catch those annoying e-mails.

02 Mar 2007
TimeZone Update SPK
This SPK updates the Autoexec.ncf, runs the SET command to change the dates for Start/End of Daylight Savings time.

01 Mar 2007
Using ZENworks for Servers to automate patching NetWare servers with new Time Zone Information
James Davey explains how to use ZENworks for Servers to patch all your NetWare servers for the changes to Daylight Saving Time.

21 Jan 2005
Using Extensible Policies to view Specific Drive Mappings
We map a number of drives for our staff and students to have access to applications and data, but don't always want them visible. Extensible and windows group policies only provide a few combinations of A,B,C,D, but by editing the proper adm file, you can have any combination of visible drives A - Z that you wish. For example, when students look in My Computer, we want them to see H (their home directory), and G (shared teacher/student data), but nothing else. Here is how we do it.

01 Jan 2005
Find Out Which Student was Using a Workstation at a Specific Time
James Davey needed an easy way to know which student was logged into a particular workstation at a particular time, so they could find out who exactly sent that inappropriate message. Come see how he did it.

01 Dec 2004
Letting Students Use NetStorage from Home Securely
At James Davey's school they recently opened NetStorage to their students and wanted them to have access to their user folders from home, but not to all the other network resources they are mapped to when they are in school. Here's their method of controlling access. Freshly updated with new suggestions.

29 Oct 2004
Creating Clean, Streamlined Images
When creating ZENworks images for distribution to multiple workstations, there are a number of steps that should be followed prior to sending the image up to the network that will insure the image is clean and streamlined.

20 Oct 2004
Cool Tool: Reminder
Sometimes the NAL "Prompt before Distribution" option is not enough (users say NO) and you want to force them to say YES and let them know what is happening at the same time. Check out this cool new Free Tool, that lets you get important messages in front of your users.

06 Oct 2004
When you REALLY need Users to Read Something...
Check out this cool new Free Tool, that lets you get important messages in front of your users.

27 Sep 2004
Splashes a yellow box with an editable reminder.ini to send a bold message to users.

23 Sep 2004
Deploying a Base Image Plus Addons
How about automating things so that after imaging the workstation automatically reboots, logs in as the local admin, runs NAL to install any addon images or cached NAL objects, and then reboots once more to finally rest at the Novell login screen ready to go with all apps installed? James Davey tells you how he does it for the student labs at his school.

06 Jun 2002
Using ZEN to Modify NTFS Permissions
James shares a elegant and simple way to modify NTFS permissions during the installation of an application through NAL.

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