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The Complete Works of Jamie

03 Oct 2007
Automatically Changing to a non-US Keyboard Layout for Imaging
Jamie Glendinning from ENGL shares a great tip for everyone around the world who would rather use their own familiar keyboard layout while working with ZENworks Imaging. Freshly updated with info for ZENworks 10 Configuration Management.

09 Jan 2007
Setting Up Repeat Calendar Entries with Autodate
The new year is a time for calendars, and Jamie Glendinning has a tip for using Autodate to set up repeat date entries.

03 Feb 2006
ZENworks Imaging using a USB pen drive (ZENworks 6.5 sp2 & ZENworks 7)
Since the imaging environment has changed slightly with ZENworks 6.5 Sp2 and ZENworks 7, Jamie Glendinning offers a solution that works for this new Imaging environment.

03 Feb 2006
ZENworks Imaging using a USB Pen Drive
In 2004 Jamie Glendinning shared a terrific method of using a USB Pen Drive to do ZENworks Imaging. We love pen drives anyway, but this took their usefulness to the next level. Freshly updated with adjustments to avoid being prompted to "Insert Floppy Disk..."

14 Apr 2005
Installing GroupWise WebAccess on Windows 2003 Server using IIS
If you're having problems installing GroupWise WebAccess on a Windows 2003 Server using IIS, Jamie Glendinning shares some tips that should help you get it running.

16 Jul 2003
If you Can't Access your Custom Icon...
When you create a custom icon your ZEN app, sometimes there's a problem when adding the icon in ConsoleOne: you can browse to it but the icon is not available. Here's how Jamie Glendinning solves it.

22 Jan 2003
Script to Copy GWIA Send/Receive Folders Automatically
If you've ever had problems with a corrupted file that keeps abending the GWIA, here is a script from Jamie Glendinning that will automatically copy the GWIA folders with the corrupted file to temp folders so the server can start. Check it out.

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