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08 Dec 2003
A log4j wrapper for Novell Portal Services / Novell exteNd Director v4.1 Standard Edition.

17 Sep 2003
XHTML Gadget for NPS
An alternative approach to the HTML gadget that ships with Novell Portal Services (NPS) / Novell eXtend Director 4.1 Standard Edition.

18 Jul 2003
NPS Proxy Gadget 0.1.9c
Acts as a firewall or tunnel for any type of internet connection, only allowing connections from users who have authenticated to NPS.

14 Jul 2003
IPAssignment Inheritance Provider l
This extension to Novell Director Standard Edition 4.1 (NPS) allows pages to be assigned based on the IP address of the client.

18 Feb 2003
EnhancedPasswordGadget for Novell Portal Services v1.5
Provides a means for users to change their passwords.

07 Nov 2002
FTP Gadget 0.1
Access FTP files using Novell Portal Services.

19 Jun 2002
UniqueID Gadget 1.1
Query an LDAP database for unique ID choices.

10 Jun 2002
Feedback Gadget
Send SMTP feedback to the portal admin.

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