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13 May 2004
Novell LDAP Command JavaBeans Introduction
Novell LDAP Command Beans are used to develop web-based Directory applications. They are 100% pure Java, with no dependancy on native code. Because of this, they can be used in any J2EE technology such as JSP, Servlets, or Enterprise JavaBeans.

31 Mar 2004
Eclipse - More than Just a Compiler - Part 1
Jeff Fischer explains the features of Eclipse as a Java compiler/IDE, details the architecture, and shows you how to setup the Eclipse environment and use the Novell NDK Java libraries to develop Novell centered applications with Eclipse.

14 Jan 2004
Getting Started with Novell AMP Server - Part 2
This article is the second part of a series about developing with Novell AMP server. In this section, Jeff details configurations of Apache Web server, MySQL database server, and PHP scripting language, as well as talking about how to manage a Novell AMP server through eDirectory.

05 Dec 2003
Getting Started with Novell AMP Server
Here is a splendid introduction to the Novell AMP or Apache MySQL, and PHP, PERL services offered on Novell NetWare. This article is the first in a series that will introduce concepts and skills associated with developing with Novell AMP Server.

12 Nov 2003
AppNote: Installing iFolder Storage
Check out this great new AppNote that explains the business benefits of iFolder, and then tells you how to get it all up and running.

12 Nov 2003
AppNote: iFolder Features, Configuration, and Best Practices
Come find out about the new features and improvements in iFolder 2.0 (like recoverable pass phrases, PDA Access, terrific scalability, and Cluster support. And oh, by the way, it runs on Linux...

11 Nov 2003
AppNote: Directory Primer - eDirectory 8.7 Features
Here's a nice explanation of some new features in eDirectory 8.7 and Directory administration through iManager.

11 Nov 2003
AppNote: eDirectory Administration on Windows
Jeff Fischer explains how to administer eDirectory running on a Windows Server and use the common NetWare tools on Windows 2000. True to the fine tradition of AppNotes, this is packed with screen shots and the kind of detail that makes it eminently print-worthy. Thanks, Jeff!

16 Sep 2003
iManager Roles Defined: Part 4
In this fourth stop on the iManager tour, Jeff Fischer introduces us to Dynamic Group Management, eDirectory Maintenance Utilities and iPrint, NMAS Management, and more ... check it out!

26 Aug 2003
Installing eDirectory on Windows and Linux
Here's one for the three-ring binder! Jeff Fischer of Novell AppNotes fame walks us step-by-step where many of us have dared not go -- installing eDirectory on Windows and Linux. Thanks Jeff, for bringing the flashlight.

17 Jul 2003
iManager 1.5 Roles Defined: Part 2
Check in on AppNotes Research Engineer Jeff Fischer as he covers what's especially cool in iManager. This month, Jeff covers the Roles and Tasks section of iManager.

28 May 2003
iManager 1.5: Assigning Roles and Tasks
Jeff Fischer digs deeper into the functionality of iManager in this month's AppNotes article that focuses on tasks, roles, and Role Based Services (RBS) objects.

21 Apr 2003
iManager 1.5 Overview and Installation
iManager 1.5 is the latest version of the industrial-strength management utility released with NetWare 6. In this article, Jeff Fischer describes some of what's new and explores how to use the tool to manage, maintain, and monitor your eDirectory-based system.

10 Mar 2003
Generating Reports in ConsoleOne
Here's an in-depth look at some of the reporting magic that can be spun with ConsoleOne. Get a step ahead of your support and maintenance with these helpful reports.

26 Feb 2003
eDirectory Rights Assignment Recommendations: Part 2
Novell AppNotes' Jeff Fischer does a great job outlining smart, logical ways to assign rights to your users. Here's a second part in this informative series.

13 Jan 2003
eDirectory Rights Assignment Recommendations
Here's the perfect guide to help you establish some guidelines with respect how many or how few rights your users should have. AppNotes Research engineer Jeff Fischer details best practices for rights assignments and provides justification for his recommendations.

13 Dec 2002
Administering Rights in ConsoleOne: Part 2
AppNotes researcher Jeff Fischer delves a little deeper in the fine art of using ConsoleOne to set user rights.

12 Dec 2002
Administering Rights in ConsoleOne: Part 2
AppNotes researcher Jeff Fischer delves a little deeper in the fine art of using ConsoleOne to set user rights.

14 Nov 2002
Administering Rights with ConsoleOne
Want to know more about using ConsoleOne to administer rights on your network? AppNotes' Research Engineer Jeff Fischer shows you how in this quick read.

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