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Jesse is the founding director and CTO of Revolution IT, a professional services company that specializes in delivering professional, high quality, value-driven business and IT services to small, medium and large organizations. Jesse's first networking steps were with NetWare 3.1

The Complete Works of Jesse

07 Nov 2007
Finding Updated Snap-ins for iManager
This tip from Jesse Pretorius shows you how to find the sometimes elusive iManager snap-ins you need to download.

29 Oct 2007
Setting Java System Variables
If you ever need to install a version of the Sun JDK (v1.5 update 12) that was not part of the distribution, you should check out this article by Jesse Pretorius on how to ensure that the system variables are set properly.

19 Oct 2007
Cool Wiki: Changing an OES 2 Server's IP Address
Jesse Pretorius posted a solution in the Cool Wiki about how to change the IP Address of an OES 2 (Linux) server. Read it here.

23 Mar 2007
Cool Wiki: SLES Performance Tuning
Jesse Pretorius posted a new article in the Cool Wiki where information and references can be collected to make it easier for administrators to find information regarding SLES performance optimization.

23 Mar 2007
Cool Wiki: SLES 10 VMware Tips
Check out this new Cool Wiki article by Jesse Pretorius that has tips and best practices for the use of SLES as a virtualization host or guest.

02 Mar 2007
Cool Wiki: NetWare's AUTOEXEC.NCF
Jesse Pretorius recently added a new article in the Cool Wiki about NetWare's AUTOEXEC.NCF. Learn about what the lines are and in what situations they can be safely removed or remarked. Read the article and if you have something to add, feel free to do so.

11 Jul 2006
Avoiding WebAccess URL Problems in GroupWise 7.0 Upgrade
Jesse Pretorius explains a smoother way to upgrade to GroupWise 7, where the WebAccess URL is concerned.

29 Aug 2005
Using Your Own Login Form on Web Page Accelerated by iChain
Jesse Pretorius shows you how you can provide your own login form on a web page accelerated by iChain.

13 Aug 2002
iMonitor Basics
Here's a quick refresher designed to help you set up and get the most out of iMonitor -- the tool that lets you monitor the health your eDirectory trees with a web browser.

05 Oct 2001
Providing Auto Workstation Import to Servers
There are four ways to provide automatic workstation import to site servers, depending on what you can and can't do with your DNS. Jesse Pretorius rounds them up for you.

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