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16 May 2007
Using ICE to Create External Entities from a Delimited File
Jim Henderson shares a tip for using ICE and LDIF to get external entities from a delimited file.

18 Apr 2007
Removing Rights for Home Directory Users
This tip from Jim Henderson shows how to remove rights from many users with a simple procedure.

21 Mar 2007
Subtree Search Performance in eDirectory
Jim Henderson explains subtree searches, presence indexes, and Ancestor IDs ...

21 Mar 2007
Mass Data Addition for Existing eDirectory Users
Need a simple way to get mass updates made to existing users? This tip from Jim Henderson should help.

13 Dec 2006
Documenting eDirectory/LDAP Schema
Looking for a quick and easy way to show your eDirectory/LDAP schema? Novell's Jim Henderson has the answer ...

21 Jun 2006
emBox and Tree Merge
Here are some clarifications on using emBox to do a tree merge, as shared by Novell's Jim Henderson.

19 Apr 2006
Using ldapsearch with LDIF Files
Novell's Jim Henderson shares a tip on using the ldapsearch command with the -f option.

29 Mar 2006
Snapshots - a Good DR Practice?
How useful are system snaphots as a resource for disaster recovery? Novell's Jim Henderson shares some thoughts on the potential pitfalls of snapshots, in several disaster recovery scenarios.

05 Oct 2005
Using dsbk on Linux and Unix
You may be familiar with the dsbk utility on NetWare, but are you comfortable using it on Linux or UNIX? This article by Novell's Jim Henderson will help you understand and use the dsbk utility more effectively.

24 Aug 2005
eDirectory Disaster Recovery
A server crash - when will it happen to you? Don't panic - eDirectory expert Jim Henderson is here with some great advice and techniques on getting up and running again.

17 Aug 2005
Renaming Containers
Novell's Jim Henderson describes an easy way to rename containers and update information on Windows workstation clients using a login script.

13 Jul 2005
More about DSRepair
eDirectory experts Jim Henderson and Aaron Burgemeister share some insights on DSRepair and how to use it more wisely.

15 Jun 2005
Hiding Folders, Trusting Admins
Who's minding the store - or, if you can't trust your system admin, who can you trust? Here's a brief discussion on rights for admins and the issues it raises.

13 Jun 2005
Interpreting Predicate Statistics
Part of the process of improving performance of eDirectory searches is to evaluate the index requirements and set up indexes appropriate to your environment. In order to come up with sane index requirements, however, you need to understand what sorts of queries are being made against the directory server. In this tip, we will look at how to use and interpret Predicate Statistics for this purpose.

27 Apr 2005
Using iMonitor to Perform eDirectory Health Checks
Performing health checks of your directory can be a time-consuming task - and as we all know, tasks that take a lot of time tend not to get done. Find out how to use the iMonitor tool to speed up your health checks significantly, as well as how to automate running them.

19 Apr 2005
Using the DSREPAIR Utility Appropriately
Learn some important tips on how and when to use the DSREPAIR utility in order to ensure that the usage makes sense and is the appropriate tool to use.

13 Dec 2002
Using the eDirectory Management Toolbox
Cool Solutions Exclusive: Advisory Board Member Jim Henderson reveals some undocumented features of 8.7 that can make your eDirectory administration tasks a breeze.

19 Oct 2001
Splitting eDirectory Trees
So your CEO sold off the right hand (Albany) without telling the left (Dublin)? What's a network administrator to do? We went to the trenches and found a guy who's split more than his share of eDirectory trees.

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