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A Bit About Jim

Jim has been an IT Manager for a local government for the past 12 years, has been working with Novell products since 1990, and he currently implements most of the Novell lineup in his environment. Jim has been a Novell Support Volunteer Sysop since 1999, is the author or "The Definitive Guide to WebAccess on Apache/Tomcat" and has presented at BrainShare on customizing WebAccess.

The Complete Works of Jim

28 Aug 2007
Moving a GroupWise System from NetWare to a Windows Server
Need to move your GroupWise system from NetWare to a Windows server? This tip from Jim Michael should help ...

10 Jul 2007
WebAccess Agent and Domain Considerations
Jim Michael describes a few installation strategies to get WebAccess working well in a domain.

26 Jun 2007
Switching IP Addresses with WebAccess
This tip from Jim Michael helps you get your IP addresses sorted out and updated when you switch them in WebAccess.

19 Jun 2007
WebAccess Configuration in a DMZ
Here are some strategies and tips for setting up and using WebAccess in a DMZ, courtesy of Jim Michael.

12 Jun 2007
Solving Communications Problems with the GroupWise WebAccess Agent
Jim Michael shares a few ideas for getting the GroupWise WebAccess Agent running smoothly ...

10 Apr 2007
Disabling the "Document" Tab in WebAccess 7.01
If you need to disable the Document tab in GroupWise, this tip from Jim Michael should do the trick.

03 Apr 2007
Redirecting with WebAccess
Jim Michael explains how to get your users redirected to a WebAccess login page.

27 Mar 2007
Avoiding Certificate Errors in WebAccess
Here's a tip from Jim Michael that helps resolve mismatched certificates for servers with WebAccess.

13 Mar 2007
Design Issues: OES Linux and GroupWise
Jim Michael shares some advice for setting up GroupWise on OES, with NCP for administration.

20 Feb 2007
Solving Login Errors with the Treo 680
Here's a workaround from Jim Michael that solves login error problems on the Treo 680 phone from Cingular.

30 Jan 2007
Getting Header Info from the Linux GroupWise Client
Jim Michael shares a quick way to find message header information on the GroupWise Linux client, with or without QuickViewer.

16 Jan 2007
Making a Home View from a Proxy User's Calendar
Jim Michael outlines the steps for turning a proxy user's calendar into your Home View in GroupWise.

04 Oct 2006
Using iChain with GroupWise Mobile Server
Jim Michael shares a few thoughts on setting up GroupWise Mobile Server behind iChain instead of the Secure Gateway.

18 Apr 2006
Sending Messages from Two Domains for a Single User
A split personality can sometimes be useful. Learn how to get GWIA to allow another domain for a user, courtesy of Jim Michael.

30 Jun 2005
Detecting Port Usage
Novell SysOp Jim Michael shares a few hints on tracking down port access and setting up stateful filter exceptions.

21 Oct 2004
Cool Tip: Installing GroupWise WebAccess on NetWare 6.5 Servers
If you're having problems installing GroupWise WebAccess on NetWare 6.5 servers, here's a quick tip from Jim Michael on installing Apache or Tomcat during the NetWare installation.

01 May 2003
New at Caledonia - The Definitive Guide to GroupWise WebAccess on Apache/Tomcat - by Jim Michael
Finally! A guide that takes the mystery out of installing GroupWise WebAccess on Apache/Tomcat - regardless of the server platform. This guide walks you through the installation process and explains the ins and outs of Apache/Tomcat so that anyone (even Danita) can figure out how to do this in one sitting! Order it today!

11 Dec 2000
Avoid Personal Address Book Corruption
We picked up this tip from Michel B.

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