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Jim Schnitter

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19 Dec 2007
Elapsed Time 4
Determine elapsed time of LDAP searches.

22 Dec 2005
LDAP utility to populate attributes without an LDIF.

08 Dec 2005
DupeTrace 1.5
Utility to "play back" an LDAP trace file.

15 Mar 2005
Outputs an LDAP Search in CSV format

10 Feb 2005
List Address 2.0
List users' network addresses.

07 Feb 2005
LDAP Error Count 2.0
Count all the LDAP error codes in a dstrace or iMonitor log file.

01 Jun 2004
List Users' Network Addresses
Here's a nifty little freebie from Jim Schnitter that can help you keep tabs on your network usage. Bet you'll think of some great ways to use it.

19 May 2003
ACL Reset
Perl program to recreate all the default ACL's for users.

08 Jan 2002
Setting up Outlook to Use Addresses from eDirectory
Jim Schnitter show us how to hook Outlook into eDirectory and create an address book to rival all address books.

29 Jun 2001
Import an NSCP Address Book into GroupWise
Jim Schnitter was looking for a way to convert his NSCP address book to GroupWise. When he couldn't find one, he wrote a little Perl program to do it. (Our kind of guy!) Here it is.

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