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25 Apr 2003
The Desktop Information Stamp
The Desktop Information Stamp gives you a slick and easy way to see all kinds of workstation details. It provides the machine name, OS, Service Pack, IP address, Domain, NAV Definition file version and system serial number. Right below all of that is the help desk number so the employees/students never lose it. Another great one from Jim Shank!

03 Apr 2003
Automated ZEN Imaging: The Next Step
Here's an exceptionally detailed explanation of how to deploy Windows 2000 to workstations and get them up and running on the desktops of the employees in a hurry. Jim Shank takes you through the entire process he developed at his company, and along the way offers excellent insight into how to use many different tools and bits of information to create a unique solution. (Which is, after all, our our whole raison d'etre here at Cool Solutions.) Thanks, Jim!

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