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31 Jul 2003
Make sure the ZfD 4.x application launcher system tray icon is visible!

08 Jul 2003
Keep App Launcher System Tray Icon Visible with ZENdesk
With ZENworks for Desktops 4, running NALDESK from the local workstation can be troublesome from time to time as the icon does not always show up in the system tray if it is launched too early during the login process. Jimmy Benson shares a cool new freebie that solves the problem very neatly. Thanks Jimmy!

12 Jul 2001
File Exterminator
Are you looking for a solution to delete pesky files you don't want on your network or personal computer? For example, want to delete all those mp3s sitting on your network server doing nothing but taking up valuable network storage space? Jimmy Benson of DSAPPEAR fame brings you yet another time-saving goodie.

28 Feb 2001
Kill Unwanted Programs on your Workstations Invisibly
Jimmy Benson, one of our favorite school admins and author of several Cool Solutions, custom crafted these programs in response to a recent Open Call. We were looking for ways to block students and staff from using school computers to download copyrighted music from Napster, Gnutella, and other Peer-to-Peer music services.

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