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15 May 2007
Customizing the GMS Port
John Fuge shares a tip for getting GroupWise Mobile Servers to run on port 444 instead of the default 443.

14 Feb 2007
Getting Workstations Ready for DST with ZENworks Apps, and Knowing the Results
Attached is a procedure I wrote for admins who are maybe not as experienced in deploying applications and knowing the results. This is a good chance for less experienced ZENworks admins to step up and get the job done for DST.

20 Apr 2005
Tip: Workaround for Embox Script Error
Thanks to Cool Solutions contributor John Fuge for this tip on how to get around an Embox utility error that occurs in NetWare 6.5 SP3. Sample text and NCF files are included to help you get the solution up and running on your system.

04 Jan 2005
How Not to Break S2S Configurations for 3rd-Party Appliances
Troubleshooting site-to-site VPN configurations can sometimes be a pain. Here's some tech aspirin in the form of some handy tips by reader John Fuge. Find out in this article how to make slave server modifications without breaking the configuration.

04 Jan 2005
AppNote: Configuring SonicWALL for S2S VPN
This handy article by Cool Solutions reader John Fuge explains how to configure the SonicWALL security appliance to work with a BorderManager 3.8 Master Server. Screen shots and procedure steps are included to make the configuration easy and straightforward.

09 Feb 2004
The Mystery of the Hidden Tree
Here's a rare bit of sleuthing. John Fuge could NOT figure out why the new laptop was unable to login to the company tree. Wait till you see what the problem was!

06 Nov 2003
Virtual Classroom using Virtual Office
John Fuge helped a school in Mexico turn the world into a Virtual Classroom.

21 Jan 2003
Don't Display BRDSTATS Info to the World
J Fuge has found a big security hole amongst many who use brdstats. Come find out how to secure your proxy stats data.

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