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27 Mar 2007
Ldapsearch Wrapper
HTML application which adds a GUI front end to the ldapsearch executable, providing an easy, form based, interface for searches and configuration management.

01 Mar 2007
Simple verification process after patching for Daylight Saving. End Users click a button to report back with a 'Success' or 'Failure' notice.

21 Feb 2007
TZUpdate For Java - VB Script
VB script addresses DST fixes for JAVA on Windows hosts.

08 Jun 2006
Cluster Resource Service Check and Preferred Node Failback via CRON and Server Console Conditional Commands
Jonathan Laudicina explains how to set up a scheduled failback of cluster resources by leveraging NetWare conditional commands and CRON.

20 Feb 2006
ZEN Remote Wrapper for Desktop 4
File Transfer, Diagnostics, and Remote Control.

03 Feb 2006
ZEN Remote by IP
GUI ZEN Remote Control/Remote View by workstation IP.

20 Jan 2005
Cool Tip: Building a Better Disk Check Event
If internal policy and politics prevent you as an Administrator from restricting mailbox size or attachment size, consider setting up staggered Disk Check events to notify you of an impending low disk space situation on your mail volume. Jonathan Laudicina shares some examples of how he uses Disk Check Events.

20 Mar 2003
Using ADDON.CFG to Apply Registry Changes
Jonathan Laudicina shares a tip on how to use ADDON.CFG to include registry changes during the GroupWise client install.

19 Jul 2002
NetWare Care
Use CRON and STUFFKEY with these simple, basic, timesaving proactive management scripts.

09 Jul 2001
Using CRON and STUFFKEY to Prepare Servers for Upgrade
Jonathan Laudicina shares his tools and automated scripts. Without these two tools, he'd have to manually run health checks, DSREPAIR and DSTRACE actions on almost 400 servers.

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