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18 Jun 2004
SBTV Interviews Novell Small Business Suite Product Manager
While attending the SBA Expo 04 in Orlando, Novell Small Business Suite Product Manager Troy Wilde was interviewed by SBTV to discuss Novell's presence at the show, the Novell Small Business Suite, and the Novell Small Business Suite Starter Pack program. Watch the interview here.

29 Nov 2000
Remote Control Workstations without running NWAdmin
Check out this nice freebie. ZEN WS Tools allows all of the functionality that is available from within NWAdmin including Remote Control and View, Ping, Workstation Diagnostics, Remote Execute, File Transfer and Chat. It also includes a choice for creating a short cut on the desktop that is associated with a single station.

29 Nov 2000
Remote control workstations without running NWAdmin.

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