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The Complete Works of Justin

12 Sep 2007
IDM Rule Programming Techniques for Pseudo Select Statement Emulation
This AppNote by Justin Birt explains how to construct complex conditional statements within a single IDM rule.

08 Jun 2007
AppNote: Recording NAL XML Reporting events in a MySQL database
This article describes how to configure NAL XML Reporting to write events to a MySQL database. Example scripts are provided to create the database and configure the zfdamrServlet, such that anyone with limited knowledge of MySQL can try this for themselves.

18 Mar 2004
Using ZENworks to Edit an INI File
During a consolidation project, Justin Birt discovered that he needed a way to easily edit an INI file. ZENworks to the rescue. Here's how he did it.

04 Feb 2004
Distributing Microsoft Security Patches Silently
Justin Birt explains his method of distributing the latest Security Patches from Microsoft (in stealth mode) to counter RPC attacks.

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