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26 Oct 2005
Creating a "Works on Anything" Windows XP SP2 Workstation Image
Andrew White explains how to create a "works on anything" WXPSP2 ZENworks 6.5 workstation image.

13 Apr 2005
Displaying an Acceptable Usage Policy before Users Login
Another goodie from frequent contributor Andrew White. He explains how he displays the college's acceptable usage policy (AUP) and gets students to accept it before logging into the PC's. In the past, it had always been printed on their enrollment form, but we all know how many students actually read that. This way, despite the fact that they don't read it on screen either, at least they have to press "Agree" before using a PC.

17 Feb 2005
Windows XP SP2 Registry Keys for Student PCs
Here's a peek at the registry keys Andrew White distributes out to his student PC's (which is why they are a bit draconian) but so far, so good. If you're interested in running a tight ship, this is a good start.

15 Jul 2004
Workstation and User Auditing the Simple Way
Frequent contributor Andrew White explains how he can know who the last user on a certain PC was, get usage stats for a lab of students, and perform a workstation audit at the same time. Best of all: his solution involves free stuff. (This is, apparently, de riguer for IT guys in academia.) Enjoy!

01 Apr 2004
Apps You Might Want to Ban: Part 2
This contribution from the Network Manager at Salisbury College, UK, is a bit longer than usual, so we put it in this separate article. It was written in response to an Open Call about Apps You Might Want to Ban.

28 Jul 2003
Using RSync on NetWare for Backup
Andrew White has been using RSync on NetWare for a while now copying data from remote sites to their main site, so they can backup the data and also to have a secondary real-time copy refreshed every 60 minutes. If you get the timing right, it's quite handy for those file deletion moments students sometimes do....

26 Jun 2002
Forcing a Reboot
Kevin Spittle explains how he forces machines to reboot every night without using Remote Control, so students can't avoid Deep Freeze.

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