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22 Jul 2004
Cool Tool: Simple GroupWise Updater
If you have a large number of remote GroupWise sites that need to be updated, check out this free tool by Kelvin Dam that updates MTA's and POA's from a NetWare Server Console.

20 Jul 2004
Simple GroupWise Updater 1.0
Updates MTAs and POAs from a NetWare Server Console.

23 Jun 2004
Creating Users Based on Group Membership
Here's a tip from long-time user Kelvin Dam about how to create Users based on Group Membership -- in remote application using DirXML 1.x.

18 Dec 2003
Setting the "User Must Change Password at Next Login" with Style
Here's a stylesheet contributed by reader Kelvin Dam that might ease your administration checklist -- especially if you're using DirXML to set up Active Directory users.

18 Dec 2003
Set Default Password Stylesheet
This stylesheet assigns a default password during user creation, and the "User must change Password at next logon" is left unchecked.

21 Jul 2003
Stylesheet Controls How AD Changes Affect eDirectory
Here are some handy XSL stylesheets written by Denmark reader Kelvin Dam. Kelvin wrote these gems to control how changes made on the AD side of his network impact his eDirectory tree. Thanks man!

21 Jul 2003
AD Filter Stylesheets
Filters unwanted deletions and/or edits from AD or another directory into NDS.

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