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18 May 2005
Optimizing the Linux Kernel to Work with the Processor of Your Choice
Check out these ways to improve the performance of a Linux system, both server and workstation, and explore optimization with a variety of different processors/hardware platforms.

18 Jan 2005
Migrating To Linux, Advantages Over Windows 9.x And XP
I am a Consultant. This past year I have consulted with a company called Tenacious Integration Services, Inc. Why do I tell you that? Mainly, because I like the term tenacious. It reminds me of how some people feel about their desktop operating system. Some people are tenacious about their favorite version of Windows, while other people are tenacious about their particular build of Linux on the desktop. I realize that there are a group of people in the middle who probably don't feel one way or the other, as long as they can do the work they need to efficiently. It is to that group of people that this article is directed.

13 Jan 2005
Data Sharing With IDM2 In The Real World
This article by Kevin Burnett introduces the reader to Novell's advanced security and synchronization system called Identity Manager 2. It also describes a real-world scenario where Identity Manager 2 can act as the central data-sharing mechanism.

22 Dec 2004
Data Sharing With IDM2 In The Real World
The objective of this article is two fold. One, to introduce the reader to Novell's advanced security and synchronization system called Identity Manager 2 and two, to describe a real world scenario where Identity Manager 2 can act as the central data-sharing mechanism. In this article we will actually go through the steps of assessing and then implementing Identity Manager 2 as the heart of a true heterogeneous network.

16 Nov 2004
Converting An Existing Development System To The 2.6 Linux Kernel
Many of the new capabilities present in the Linux 2.6 kernel, especially at the device driver and system software levels, require parallel changes in the administrative utilities that interact with them. In order to fully realize the performance of the Linux 2.6 kernel, many system configuration changes must be made. In this article we will look at things to be aware of when you upgrade to the Linux 2.6 kernel.

12 Jun 2003
NDS Health Checks: Past and Future
Novell AppNotes engineer Kevin Burnett shares what he learned at BrainShare about using iMonitor to help with eDirectory health checks -- very cool stuff.

05 Jun 2003
Using iMonitor to Check Out the Schema Things
Here's another great piece in the AppNotes series about Novell iMonitor -- the browser-based utility that helps you manage your directory.

26 Feb 2003
More iMonitor Basics
Senior Research Engineer, Kevin Burnett, comes through again with this piece on iMonitor and the doors it opens for the eDirectory administrator.

21 Jan 2003
iMonitor: eDirectory's Management Utility
Here's a great overview of eDirectory's new web-based management utility -- iMonitor. Senior Research Engineer Kevin Burnett begins his series on iMonitor with this feature review.

12 Dec 2002
Benchmarks: Why Do We Need Them?
In today's technology marketplace, do benchmarks mean as much as they did a decade ago? Should purchase decisions be based on them? Kevin Burnett investigates.

14 Nov 2002
Understanding eDirectory Synchronization and Background Processes
eDirectory is the premiere directory service because it's secure, scalable, cross-platform, and a lot more. In this AppNotes article, Kevin Burnett covers those features that fall into the "a lot more" bucket.

31 Oct 2002
Managing User Accounts with ConsoleOne
ConsoleOne is becoming the Swiss Army Knife of Novell utilities. In this month's AppNotes, Kevin Burnett demonstrates the it's user-management abilities.

22 Oct 2002
Directory Primer -- eDirectory Naming Conventions
What's in a Name? Senior Research Engineer Kevin Burnett digs into the conventions used to name objects in eDirectory. Learn exactly what is meant by Fully Qualified Distinguished Name ... if you dare.

11 Sep 2002
Directory Primer: NDS Error Types
Senior Research Engineer, Kevin Burnett, takes on a tour of what exactly those error codes mean that eDirectory sometimes spews our way.

01 Aug 2002
Understanding eDirectory Process Requests
Novell AppNotes Senior Research Engineer, Kevin Burnett, digs into the heard of eDirectory to help us understand eDirectory Process Requests.

11 Jul 2002
Replicas in eDirectory, a Primer
If you want to get a better grip on what replicas are and what they do -- but only have 10 minutes -- this is the document for you. Kevin Burnett does a super job covering all the replica basics without diving too deep in the shallow end.

11 Jul 2002
Editing Object Properties in ConsoleOne
Here are some good tips from the AppNotes team that detail how to squeeze even more out of eDirectory objects with ConsoleOne.

26 Jun 2002
Creating and Manipulating Objects in ConsoleOne
Very good (read: short, to the point, and very useful) piece about managing and manipulating objects with ConsoleOne.

26 Jun 2002
Transitive Synchronization Revisited
Kevin Burnett gets the nitty gritty on Transitive Synchronization from the eDirectory Core Development team -- and puts it into English for the rest of us.

21 May 2002
Object Interaction with ConsoleOne
AppNotes Senior Research Engineer, Kevin Burnett, shows us how to get to -- and work on -- the far reaches of your directory tree with ConsoleOne.

13 May 2002
Synchronization Processes; a Primer
Kevin Burnett takes a look under the hood of eDirectory's synchronization process and finds a number of related processes that it's good to know about.

11 Mar 2002
ConsoleOne 101
Kevin Burnett covers the ConsoleOne utility from top to bottom in this first-in-a-series AppNotes article about the utility.

11 Feb 2002
Transitive Vector: What Is It?
If you've always wondered what the heck a Transitive Vector is, Kevin Burnett puts on his kit gloves and helps the rest of us understand what it is and why it's important to eDirectory.

11 Feb 2002
NetWare 5.1 Console Commands; Some Normal, Some Hidden
Kevin Burnett has been reading the docs again. This time, he's sharing some good (and some little-known) information about a few of NetWare 5.1's console commands.

16 Jan 2002
Debugging DirXML Drivers
AppNotes researcher Kevin Burnett shows us some tools and shares some advice about debugging those DirXML drivers you're working on in your spare time.

17 Dec 2001
iFolder: Your Data, When and Where You Need It
It seems that everybody's talking about iFolder. If you think it's time to find out what all the fuss is about, here's a great overview from two names we've learned to trust: AppNotes and Kevin Burnett.

14 Dec 2001
DirXML Drivers, Engine and Story
If you're new to DirXML, or if you just want to brush up, here's a quick read that gives you everything you need for a solid foundation and understanding.

19 Oct 2001
Improvements, Updates, and Changes to eDirectory in NetWare 6
The Novell Appnotes team has come through with another great piece -- this one spells out the improvements made to the new eDirectory. Time to bone up!

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