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24 Apr 2001
DirXML Comparative Information
There is no product on the market today that competes head-to-head with DirXML. DirXML crosses the categories of meta-directory, Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) and eProvisioning.

24 Apr 2001
DirXML Technologies Available to OASIS for DSML 2.0
Novell announced that it will turn over significant directory-related research and intellectual property to a key standards body to help accelerate the development and adoption of an industry-wide approach to integrating directory technology into eBusiness.

20 Apr 2001
eBusiness Spending Remains Strong
An article published by NetworkWorld Fusion shows that opportunities for Net Directory Services Software remain strong.

15 Feb 2001
The Buzz with NMAS
NMAS provides convenience for users and administrators by reducing passwords, centralizing authentication access, and offering flexibility among authentication methods.

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