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05 Oct 2005
Quick Guide to Imaging Pre-Activated Windows XP Pro Workstations with ZENworks and Sysprep
I've been using ZENworks for Desktops for almost four years and the ZENworks Imaging Server has been a wonderful and cheap replacement for Symantec's Ghost product. Moving from Windows 2000 Pro to Windows XP Pro this summer ran me into a problem that I couldn't get around without three days of painstaking and hairline-affecting work. Here's what I learned, the hard way.

30 Jun 2000
Clearing off the Local Drives
Just completed a Visual Basic program that would be swell for those of you out there in School Administration LANd searching for a way to clear everything off your local drives for the summer. Designed with the average Teacher or Secretary in mind, the GUI is self explanatory and intuitive.

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