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Anita K. Moore

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A Bit About Anita K.

Certified Microsoft Office Specialist Master Instructor, Technical Writer, and Computer Operator Specialist.

Anita has specialties in software, technical writing and operating a computer without that pesky little rodent, the mouse. She has inspired college students to learn Corel, Microsoft, and Novell. Her next quest is to teach computer classes at businesses, community centers and colleges through her company, The Format. You can learn more about Anita and her company at

The Complete Works of Anita K.

13 Nov 2007
Keyboard Shortcuts: Squashing the Evasive Mouse Syndrome
Anita Moore shares a detailed list of keyboard shortcuts that helps you get out of the mouse "trap" ...

30 Oct 2007
Getting Notifications on E-mails for a Designated Folder
Anita Moore shows you how to filter incoming e-mails into a designated folder and then get notifications for new messages that arrive there.

02 Oct 2007
Marking Confidential E-mails as Private to Other Users
Here's a practical solution from Anita Moore that gets your confidential e-mails marked as private to other GroupWise users.

05 Jun 2007
Creating a Task and Viewing It on the Calendar
Anita Moore shares a simple approach for helping users understand how to create tasks and view them on their calendars.

02 Jan 2007
Combining Info from Messages and Attachments
Need to combine information from separate messages and attachments? Anita Moore has a simple process that gets the job done and preserves the original formats in GroupWise.

02 Jan 2007
Saving a Message to Multiple Folders
Here's a simple tip from Anita Moore that helps you save the same e-mail into multiple folders for future reference.

07 Mar 2006
Making your Checklist Available in Most Folders
You may have noticed that your checklist appears to have different contents when working from different folders. Not to worry - Anita Moore has a solution!

28 Oct 2004
Cool Tip: Add Notify to Startup
Anita Moore shares a tip on how to add Notify to Startup

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