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16 Jan 2007
Cool Blog: Speeding Up the Linux Client
In this Cool BLog, Laurence Pitt shows us how to speed up the GroupWise Linux client by switching it to GTK.

18 Oct 2005
ZENVER Information for ZENworks Server Management
Ever wish there were a simple ZENVER-type command you could use to quickly find out the versions of your ZENworks Server Management components? Check this out. Laurence Pitt shares a very smooth solution.

20 May 2004
AppNote: Delivering Fault Tolerant MSI Applications using ZENworks for Desktops 4.0.1
One issue with fault tolerant application configuration is that it is not very successful with the delivery of applications packaged using MSI (Microsoft Software Installer) technology. Laurence Pitt provides a dynamic method of resolving the closest local location for an MSI application that allows for replication using ZENworks for Servers and requires minimal configuration at each location.

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