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20 Oct 2004
All In One: Novell Small Business Suite 6.5
Don't miss this new article in Novell Connection magazine. You'll see how Novell Small Business Suite 6.5 meets your criteria for network software: it's affordable, easy-to-use, reliable and secure software that simply does its job.

06 Apr 2004
Police Your Policies With Novell Audit
Want to understand Novell Audit in 30 minutes? Here's a great article pulled together by Connection Magazine's Linda Kennard that provides a fantastic Novell Audit overview.

31 Mar 2004
Bow WOW: The Novell Innerweb
Using Internal Technologies, Novell Eats Its Own Dog Food. Novell Connection Magazine's Linda Kennard writes about how Novell makes it possible for employees to have a corporate-office experience from anywhere with an Internet connection. Read how Novell iChain provides front-end security for Novell's Innerweb.

18 Nov 2003
Novell Identity Manager 2.0: the new DirXML
Due to be released in January 2004, this new solution (powered by DirXML and now called Novell Nsure Identity Manager 2.0) not only significantly simplifies the rule-building process, but also simplifies another management hotspot: password management.

22 May 2003
Reviewing Your eDirectory Tree Design
If your organization has been making changes (and who's hasn't?) chances are your directory could use some remodeling too. Here are some useful tips pulled together by Linda Kennard.

14 May 2003
Optimizing eDirectory Performance
Linda Kennard dug up some solid info about tuning the cache settings in your eDirectory to get optimum performance. Tune up today; speed on tomorrow.

05 May 2003
Tips for Installing eDirectory on Linux
Linda Kennard compiled this list of Linux "gotchas" and their solutions for those of us more comfortable with the DOS prompt than the command line.

29 Apr 2003
Backup eMTool and Roll-Forward Logging
Linda Kennard shows us how to flip just the right switches to get the most out of eMTool -- the eDirectory backup utility. A must read!

07 Nov 2002
Provisioning Access to Network Assets
Want to know more about "Nsure"? Novell Connection's Linda Kennard puts all the pieces together in this article about the newly-released "Nsure Resources".

23 Jul 2002
Keeping eDirectory Management Simple with iManager
The soon-to-be-released eDirectory 8.7 features a number of new enhancements. Among the more notable is web-based management of your eDirectory tree made possible through a new management interface: Novell iManager 1.5. Read about it here.

23 Jul 2002
eDirectory 8.7 Backup Management Tool
eDirectory 8.7 is scheduled to come with a cool new backup tool that makes directory administration a lot easier (and backups a lot faster). Novell Connection takes an in-depth look at the new tool.

13 Jun 2002
GroupWise to Go
Accessing your GroupWise account via a cell phone or other wireless device is easy with GroupWise WebAccess. In this Novell Connection article, Linda Kennard explores the features available when you access GroupWise accounts through different types of devices.

09 May 2002
Biometrics: Helping 85,000 Children Remember Their Passwords
Forget lunch money, could you imagine helping 85,000 school children keep track of their usernames and passwords? The schools in Stockholm Sweden are implementing solutions that involve fingerprint scanning. Now, that's cool. Linda Kennard gets us the details.

06 Feb 2002
You're Hired -- Now Get to Work!
Novell Connection's Linda Kennard writes about how Novell uses eDirectory to get new employees and contractors what they need to work from the get go.

17 Dec 2001
Outside In: Novell's Remote Access Solution
Remote access to your company's storage and services can be a real competitive advantage. But it's not easy to pull off. Read how Novell tamed this beast in this Novell Connection article by Linda Kennard.

11 Oct 2001
Novell OnDemand Services Simplifies the Delivery of eProvisions
Check out this great article from Novell Connection magazine. Come find out how Novell OnDemand Services 1.5 makes your thin-client computing environment precisely what it should be: an environment that saves you time (and your company money).

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