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Lindsey Johnstone

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26 Sep 2002
Records Retention in a GroupWise Environment - A Follow Up
Lindsey Johnstone discusses the progress being made toward an open records system, and the requirements to retain and divulge on-demand, messages on an enterprise level.

20 Mar 2002
Where's MY Email?
Who really owns personal e-mail brought into the agency or company mail system?

07 Feb 2002
Government Audit Requirements and Backups
How to comply with a government regulation that deals with backups and the "last accessed by" file attribute.

14 Jan 2002
Saving Email to Offline Storage
How to manage aging e-mail archives.

18 Dec 2001
Retaining Critical Email for Public Records
How to accomplish the goal of capturing any and all e-mails.

15 Nov 2001
The Pureness of IP, and how really Icky IPX Can Be
Can you make these two protocols coexist within your network in a nice, harmonic way?

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