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Lukasz Lenart

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26 Aug 2003
DS Report 1.2
Search eDirectory and export results.

15 May 2003
Finding the User's Workstation for Remote Management
Lukasz Lenart explains how he solved a common Remote Control problem: finding the darned workstation in eDirectory. Next time a user calls IT for remote help on a workstation he doesn't always use, this cool solution will be very helpful.

12 Feb 2003
How to put an Image on the Imaging Partition Automatically
Lukasz Lenart explains how he used Scripted Imaging to take an image of a workstation and put it on the local ZEN partition.

13 Jan 2003
Managing Jobs for NDPS printers
Lukasz Lenart shares his method of giving users a simple way to manage jobs on NDPS Printers.

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