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07 Nov 2007
Checking NICI Libraries
Marcel Cox explains how you can tell whether your NICI library is really up-to-date.

10 Oct 2007
Debugging Slow Performance in iManager on NetWare
Marcel Cox provides a few suggestions for getting iManager to respond more quickly when running on NetWare.

11 Apr 2007
ConsoleOne, iManager, and Universal Password
Aaron Burgemeister and Marcel Cox answer questions about using ConsoleOne and iManager to administer Universal Password.

07 Feb 2007
NMAS Server and Client Guidelines
Marcel Cox shares some advice on understanding and using NMAS server and client concepts.

25 Oct 2006
Marcel Cox shares some insights on why you may need NMAS, or why not - along with tips on NMAS usage and password management.

23 Aug 2006
Troubleshooting NMAS on ConsoleOne
Marcel Cox shares a workaround for a DLL version conflict that affects NMAS running with ConsoleOne.

26 Jul 2006
Troubleshooting Missing RBS Tasks
Marcel Cox shares a few practical ideas for finding RBS tasks that aren't showing up on the Roles and Tasks screen in iManager.

10 Dec 2004
Printer Removal Utility
Here's a nifty little free tool you should take a look at if you ever need an easy way to remove printers from a workstation.

01 Nov 2004
Printer Removal Utility (V1.01)
Command line tool to remove printers from a workstation.

18 Jun 2003
Using DirXperts to achieve LDAP-based Contextless Login
Marcel Cox shares some hidden capabilities of this popular free tool. Using REGMON and Ethereal, he was able to figure out the hidden options of LGNCXW32.DLL, and shares what he found in this cool article.

17 Jan 2002
Upgrades: There's an Order to These Things
Marcel Cox offers advice on what to upgrade when to avoid getting the proverbial cart before the horse.

04 Jan 2002
Upgrading from NDS: eDirectory 8 or eDirectory 8.5?
We found a user who has an eye on upgrading their directory and was looking for some advice. Luckily we also found Marcel Cox who was ready with all the right answers.

17 Jun 1998
Client32 Toolbox for DOS/Windows
Automatically update Client32 for DOS/Windows 3.x users.

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