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27 Jul 2005
ContentFilter for BorderManager Launched
Connectotel has announced the launch of its new ContentFilter for Novell BorderManager software. Get the details in this summary article, including benefits, pricing, and FAQs.

27 Jul 2005
ContentFilter for Novell BorderManager
Filters unwanted websites by performing real-time textual analysis of website page content.

01 May 2004
Time Synchronization Solutions Guide
List of manufacturers and suppliers of hardware and software for maintaining client and NetWare server time.

11 Apr 2003
Using DMOZ Open Directory Project lists with Novell BorderManager
In response to many inquiries about his AppNote that discussed Blacklists and Whitelists, Marcus Williamson rolled up his sleeves and produced another excellent article. Come get the inside scoop about the use of DMOZ open directory project (ODP) data in creating Whitelists.

06 Mar 2003
Using Public-Domain Site Blocking Lists with Novell BorderManager
Don't miss this great new AppNote from Marcus Williamson. He discusses how network administrators can make use of free public-domain site blocking lists in conjunction with Novell BorderManager on NetWare networks to enforce network-wide Internet access policies.

12 Sep 2002
Keep Internet ads from Annoying your Employees/Students
If Internet advertising is too distracting for your employees or students, you might want to check out this new tool from one of our partners.

10 Jun 2002
BorderManager Logging Configuration
Marcus Williamson shared several deployment documents he has written for clients, and has graciously allowed us to excerpt sections that we think will be of interest to you. Here's an excellent overview of how to configure BorderManager Logging.

11 Jan 2002
Understanding Novell BorderManager's HTTP Proxy Logs
Don't miss this new AppNote by the resident genius from Connectotel Ltd. Marcus, we are proud to note, is a member of the BorderManager Cool Solutions Advisory Board, as well as the eDirectory Cool Solutions Advisory Board.

05 Jan 2002
Dial-in Authentication
Looking for a way to let your users maintain a single password for both onsite and offsite access? Here are some ideas from our own Marcus Williamson.

20 Dec 2001
Keeping track of RADIUS Login Info
Looking for a way to track how long your users are staying logged in via RADIUS? Here's how you do it.

06 Dec 2001
Marcus Williamson of our Advisory Board explains how BorderManager handles authentication, and how CLNTRUST fits into the picture.

13 Mar 2001
Policy-Based Management of Mobile Phones
If you're like most companies with lots of mobile workers, you are grappling with how to keep track of all those cellphones you've issued. Come see this new AppNote that shows you how to set up corporate management of cell phones via NDS.

16 Aug 2000
Implementing Strong Passwords in an NDS Environment
There's an outstanding new AppNote by Marcus Williamson that details ways in which network administrators can provide enhanced security in their network environments by making use of strong password solutions. He discusses the concepts behind strong passwords and looks at currently available options for implementing strong passwords within a Novell Directory Services (NDS) environment. He also presents some available authentication solutions which do not make use of passwords, or which can be used to augment the use of password-based systems.

27 Oct 1999
AppNote: Using Novell ZENworks in the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence
This AppNote describes how to use Novell ZENworks to distribute the Berkeley SETI@Home software used as part of the SETI project in the search for evidence of Extraterrestrial Intelligence.

28 Apr 1998
IPX Packet Format
Details packet formats of IPX and SPX for NetWare.

28 Apr 1998
FRAME.TXT - Media Frame Types
Adapted text from the "Open Data-Link Interface Developer's Guide for NetWare 386 Server Drivers".

01 Feb 1998
Burst Mode Hot Start and Troubleshooting Guide
Read about Burst Mode, a protocol for NetWare Core Protocol (NCP) read and write requests.

01 Feb 1998
Server Memory Calculator for NetWare.

15 Feb 1995
LOG410.TXT - Login Script Identifiers for NetWare 4.1x
Learn which identifier variables are available for a NetWare 4.10 Login Script.

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