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Jason Jones
Linux Geek

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A Bit About Jason

Jason Jones has been programming and developing on Linux systems for a number of years. He's dedicated to shining the light of Linux to all the people out there who think they don't have a choice of what operating system they use.

The Complete Works of Jason

06 Feb 2006
LSI Logic RAID "No Hard Drives" BugFix
Jason Jones explains how to fix the problem with the old LSI Logic RAID cards found in some older servers.

21 Oct 2005
Putting SUSE Linux 10.0 on a Laptop
Jason Jones explains to us his experience of putting SUSE Linux 10.0 on his new HP dv4000 laptop. It was definitely an eye-opening experience... Could SUSE finally be a serious contender to the "other" operating system?

09 Aug 2005
Transparent Panels in Gnome
Jason explains how to use the updated transparency feature in the panels of Gnome 2.6.10.

25 May 2005
Gimp Tips Part 6: Using The Clone Tool
Jason explains how to perform a little of your own digital magic by using this cool little tool.

18 May 2005
Gimp Tips Part 5: Plugins a Plenty - Adding Light
Jason gives us a hint of what the plugins can do. He shows us how to add an artificial light source to an otherwise ordinary photo.

11 May 2005
Linux Scheduling Priorities Explained
Jason explains the concept of using "nice" levels to make programs play better in Linux.

28 Apr 2005
Which Linux Should I Use?
Jason weighs the benefits of using Novell Linux Desktop, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, or SUSE Linux Professional and explains which product is best for which situation.

27 Apr 2005
What Is Logical Volume Management?
Jason explains how LVM can be used for servers that need ever-expanding hard drive space.

20 Apr 2005
Which Graphic Formats For What?
Jason explains the advantages and disadvantages to using different graphic formats in different situations.

30 Mar 2005
Card Readers on SUSE Linux 9.2 Professional?
Jason explains his first encounter with a 9-in-1 media card reader on SUSE Linux 9.2 Professional.

30 Mar 2005
Need a Backup?
Jason explains why rsync is such a great program to backup your hard drive.

16 Mar 2005
Sync Up The Taskbar and the Desktop in Gnome
Jason shows us how to allow the Gnome desktops to be completely separate in both the toolbar and the desktop real estate.

16 Mar 2005
Windows Shortcuts for Firefox Tabs on Linux
KDE users need not fret about Firefox's tab-changing keyboard shortcuts. Jason explains how to quickly set the shortcuts the same as in Windows.

16 Mar 2005
Sticky Notes for Gnome
Can't find your pen and paper? Sticky Notes is faster anyway.

09 Mar 2005
Gimp Tips Part 4: Selective Colorization
Jason shows us how The Gimp can be used to make normal pictures a bit more artistic using selective colorization.

03 Mar 2005
Local Utah Linux Users Speak Out About SUSE.
Ever wondered what normal, every-day, run-of-the-mill Linux users have to say about SUSE Linux? Read on...

01 Mar 2005
What is so great about Firefox?
Jason gives us the top reasons why he thinks Firefox is the best browser around. Everything from easily detectible security, to Firefox's extensibility.

01 Mar 2005
Basic Mounting Differences between Windows and Linux
For Linux newbies, understanding how Linux mounts multiple hard drives can be a bit confusing. Jason helps us understand the basics of what Linux does with your hard drives.

16 Feb 2005
Gimp Tips Part 3: Fading Photography Edges
Sometimes your photos need a softer feel to them. Jason shows us how to use The Gimp to get the desired effect.

09 Feb 2005
Gimp Tips Part 2: Rounding Corners
Jason shows us some tricks with getting corners to have a nice round edge in The Gimp.

02 Feb 2005
Gimp Tips Part 1: Resizing Images
Photoshop isn't the only program that can juggle your pixels effectively. Jason shows us the difference between image and canvas resizing. He also show us how to resize an image using The Gimp.

02 Feb 2005
CD-RW's in Linux? Works like a charm.
Jason tells us about some pitfalls and how to avoid them while using CD-RW's with Linux.

01 Feb 2005
Manually Mounting a USB Flash Drive in Linux
Jason goes through the process step-by-step of how to manually mount a USB flash drive in Linux.

26 Jan 2005
How's the Weather, in Gnome?
Jason shows us how to get some automatic weather updates posted conveniently on the Gnome panel.

20 Jan 2005
Resizing Your Gnome / KDE Panels
Jason steps through the process of customizing your panel's size in both KDE and Gnome.

20 Jan 2005
Taking Screenshots in Linux
Is it as easy to take screenshots in Linux as it is in Windows? Jason explains multiple easy methods of getting screenshots in Linux. You might be surprised.

13 Jan 2005
Introduction to
Most people spend a lot of money on office suite software. is out to compete with the best of them, but it doesn't cost a dime. It also comes standard with every installation of Novell Linux Desktop and SUSE Linux 9.2 Professional.

13 Jan 2005
Quick Shortcuts in The Gimp
Jason gives a quick tutorial on how to maximize the ease-of-use of The Gimp through assigning dynamic shortcuts. If you use Gimp a lot, this could save you quite a bit of time.

11 Jan 2005
Need Help? Try the Documentation First
Many people don't realize what a wonderful resource the SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 9's documentation is. Jason gives us a good introduction to its goodness.

09 Jan 2005
HTML Development Tools in Linux
Jason introduces us to three different text editors used in web development for Linux.

06 Jan 2005
The Linux Games Get Even Better...
Jason wrote an article a few weeks ago which considered the many open source games in Linux. Now it's time to get to know a few commercial games which run natively on Linux.

06 Jan 2005
Changing the Default Browser in Gnome
Don't want to use the default browser in Gnome? Go ahead and change it. You'll like it.

06 Jan 2005
Gimp -- Closing In on Photoshop...
Installing and configuring The Gimp is quite easy. Jason runs through the process and explains some of the questions asked. He also runs over basic usage of The Gimp.

02 Jan 2005
Adding To The Panels In Gnome.
If dragging and dropping doesn't work, there are other simple ways to get items on your desktop panels in Gnome.

01 Jan 2005
Google Auto-fill Replica for Linux
One add-on for Internet Explorer which people seem to miss when they move to Linux is the Google Auto-fill feature. The firefox auto-fill extension just might save the day in this case.

21 Dec 2004
Setting Your Clock with the Network Time Protocol.
A great way to make sure your server always is using pin-point precise time.

21 Dec 2004
HTTP Server Basics
Setting up a web server has never been easier than in SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 9.

15 Dec 2004
CD Burning in Linux Made Easy with k3b
K3b makes burning CDs in Linux just as easy as in Windows. It's a fantastic tool and... it's free!

15 Dec 2004
Basic Settings of Your Firewall Through YaST
Getting to know the Linux firewall through YaST is probably one of the best things you can do for the security of your computer.

15 Dec 2004
Windows Compatible File Formats in Linux
Some Linux programs can handle some Windows file formats. This makes the switch to Linux even easier.

14 Dec 2004
Building My SUSE Box - Part Two
Jason shows the ease with which SUSE Linux 9.2 Professional can be put on his newly made box.

14 Dec 2004
Building My SUSE Box - Part One
Jason tells his experience of building his computer for SUSE Linux 9.2 Professional.

09 Dec 2004
How Should I Compress my Audio?
There might be more to using mp3 with Linux than meets the eye, and there are probably many more audio formats than you think. Jason explains the benefits of open source audio formats.

09 Dec 2004
Sound Juicer... Easy Music
Getting music from your CDs to your hard drive in Linux has never been easier. Sound Juicer lets it rip to the maximum with little or no effort at all.

07 Dec 2004
Digital Cameras in Linux? No Problem
If you've ever thought of hooking up your digital camera to Linux, it might be easier than you think. Jason gives an account of his first experience with SUSE Linux 9.2 Professional and his Canon S45 Camera.

02 Dec 2004
Linux Screensavers - How to Get More Eye-Candy
Bet you didn't know SUSE Linux comes standard with over 200 screensavers. Here's a quick article on how to access them, some of Jason's personal favorites, and what you need to do to make them run more efficiently.

02 Dec 2004
Turn it Up with OpenGL in Linux
In Linux, 3D acceleration is used in much more than just games. This article will help you see if you've got it, and more importantly, if it's turned on.

24 Nov 2004
Customize Your Novell Linux Desktop Theme
Changing your Linux desktop can give your Linux experience a much more personal touch. Jason explains in a step-by-step fashion how to change your themes in both Gnome and KDE on the Novell Linux Desktop.

17 Nov 2004
Linux Audio / Music - XMMS
Unknown to most people, the audio abilities of Linux are quite mature. Here's an application that will be sure to calm any audiophile's thirst.

17 Nov 2004
More Fun with Gaim - Part 1 (Smileys)
Gaim is a wonderful chat client and it has loads of features. Here's a tip on how to make your Gaim world "smile" a little bit more.

08 Nov 2004
Why Would Anyone Want to Use Linux?
The tale of how a poor college student went from an OS that grated his conscience, to a software solution he could afford.

08 Nov 2004
Gnome / KDE Keyboard Shortcuts
Just like windows, Linux has a slew of keyboard shortcuts sure to shorten your project's completion time. Here's a list for Gnome and KDE.

08 Nov 2004
KSysGuard / System Monitor Installation Tutorial
Ever wonder how much memory your computer is using? What percent of your CPU is being used? If something is going through your network card? These programs are quite easy to install, and provide great information.

08 Nov 2004
Netapplet Makes Connecting to Your Network a Breeze!
Got a laptop with 3 different NICs that connects to 5 different networks on a daily basis? netapplet will assuredly make your connection woes disappear.

08 Nov 2004
Need Cool Games on Linux?
Linux has hundreds of games to play. Here are three that are sure to provide you quite a few hours of entertainment.

08 Nov 2004
Gaim - The Linux Chat Solution
Wanna chat on Linux? Gaim is a wonderful little tool to connect to your AIM, Yahoo, MSN, GroupWise, and ICQ accounts. Give it a try! You won't be disappointed.

08 Nov 2004
Grip is the Master of CD Ripping
Want to create a lengthy Linux library of all your CDs? Grip is definitely the program for you. It will create mp3's, aac's, mp4's, flac's, ogg's, and just about any other audio format available!

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