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The Complete Works of Armando A.

19 Sep 2007
Moving IDM Drivers from NetWare to Linux
Here's a tip from Armando Perez that helps you get your Identity Manager drivers safely moved from NetWare to a Linux box.

12 Jul 2006
Password Management Script
Managing NDS Passwords and Universal Passwords at the same time can be tricky. Here's a handy script from Armando Perez that makes it all a bit simpler.

12 Jul 2006
Automated E-mail on Employee Department Change
This script from Armando Perez shows you how to auto-generate a notification e-mail when an employee changes departments. The script also captures the manager's name and the employee's effective move date.

17 Feb 2005
Monitoring ACL Changes on Objects
Now you can monitor ACL changes on T, O and OUs objects, thanks to this detailed solution from Armando Perez.

23 Jun 2004
XSLT Problem and Solution
Armando A. Perez was losing sleep trying to get his XSLT processor to, well, process. That was before he discovered a magic number -- sort of. Learn his secret here.

14 Feb 2003
Implementing Password Sync When Tree and Domain Have the Same Name
Here's a gem from the trenches, compiled by Armando A. Perez, that explains how he uses DirXML's Password Synch option in a network where the domain and the tree share a common name.

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