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05 Apr 2000
Policy Problems 101
User Policies continue to befuddle lots of readers, so we turned to Mark Poole from our Board of Review to create a checklist that could be used for troubleshooting or planning. Thanks, Mark!

22 Sep 1999
Use Perl script to produce an .axt from an entire directory structure .

22 Sep 1999
Making an AXT from an entire directory
Mark Poole, our favorite expert on ZENworks in a school setting, sent us this splendid little beauty. It's a Perl script that will produce an .axt from an entire directory structure. Bet you can think of ways to use that, hmmm?

25 Aug 1999
Using Policies to Lock Lab Machines
One concern we've seen a lot is from people with lab environments who want to use ZEN policies to secure their workstations. However, they're afraid that when students log onto their own PCs in their rooms, presumably to study, they will find their personal machines are locked down as well. Here's a tip from One Who Knows, our favorite university admin expert

28 Jul 1999
Saving Time with App Launcher: One Guy's Story
We recently rolled out a product called EMPAC, which is an enterprise class client-server application used by our facilities management department. Without App Launcher (aka NAL), this project would have taken much longer, and some of what we did would effectively have been impossible. This is a comparison of how things went on the major project tasks, and how they would have gone without App Launcher. We were using ZEN 1.1

07 Jul 1999
Using ZEN to run ScanDisk on an Enterprise Scale
Mark Poole, our ever-helpful ZEN power user from James Madison University, sent along this explanation of how he uses ZENworks Workstation Management to schedule ScanDisk to run unattended on an enterprise scale.

04 May 1999
Using an AOT to Fix Win95 and Win98 Y2K Settings
Both Windows95 and Windows98 ship with their regional settings set for a two-digit year (as Check2000 will show you). In order to fix this, we whipped up an Application Object to take care of it. It (obviously) wasn't very hard, but it saved us from either asking the end users to do it themselves, or asking a tech to go fix 3000 computers. Here's the AXT file.

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