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Mark Russell

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A Bit About Mark

Advisory Board Chairman (2005) of Cool Solutions dot Com Forum.

Mark is the Senior Systems Engineer for a college of Further Education in the UK; although being only 26 when he got the title, the "senior" bit isn't especially accurate. Mark's expertise covers all aspects of Novell's products but most especially NetWare, GroupWise, BorderManager and ZENworks. When not sequestered behind an impenetrable wall of oversized monitors, Mark likes to ride motorcycles (quickly), read (quietly), play guitar (noisily) and scuba dive (um, damply?).

The Complete Works of Mark

27 May 2005
AppNote: A Rough Guide to Accelerating Virtual Office through iChain.
Mark Russell provides a basic configuration to help get you started with iChain and have your Virtual Office available outside of your network.

02 Mar 2005
Backing Up Trustee Assignments
Cool Solutions guru Mark Russell lends some valuable and time-saving insights on backing up trustee assignments. Don't do it the hard way - use these tips to handle it with ease and precision.

07 Jan 2005
Cool Solutions dot Com Forum
For the last couple of years there has existed an evolving web presence that many of you may not have been aware of: the Cool advice forum. The regular contributors to the forum have several hundred years' worth of combined experience in Novell product deployment and support. They'll tell you where the imperfections are, and how to get along with them; introduce you to features you never knew existed, and point you at places to get further support if you need it.

15 Apr 2004
Germ Warfare II - Revenge of the Nerds
School Cool Solutions Advisory Board Member Mark Russell shares some ideas to help combat the recent spate of worms.

22 Sep 2003
Germ Warfare
Mark Russell explains how Blaster and SoBig-F have finally vindicated his position as "resident despoiler of all things fun. It is precisely because our restrictions are so... er... restrictive that we have managed to totally avoid all forms of virus infection. So far."

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