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17 Aug 2007
Creating shared storage on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 using Xen and OCFS2
Arun Singh shows you how to create shared storage on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 using OCFS2 and Xen Virtualization.

29 Aug 2005
A Cool Solutions for Developers Book Review: Performance Tuning for Linux Servers
Performance Tuning for Linux Servers provides the basic knowledge and skills needed to understand the performance of Linux servers, and contains examples based on popular enterprise Linux distributions (SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, and Red Hat Enterprise Linux) useful to Linux developers, administrators and architects of all experience levels. Read on to see if it this book might benefit you.

15 Apr 2005
Introduction to Oracle 10g R1 ( on SUSE Linux Professional 9.3
This paper is designed to help you get started with Oracle 10g on SUSE Linux 9.3. This will help you to work on latest SUSE OS and latest Oracle Database 10g from Oracle. Oracle 10g is supported and certified only on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES), but occasionally for development and testing purposes you will prefer to have it up and running on your desktop for quick access. Instruction provided here will also work on SUSE Linux 9.2.

16 Nov 2004
How To Create RPMs and Init Scripts That Are Compatible On Both SUSE Linux and Red Hat Linux
SUSE by default is LSB compliant. Red Hat is LSB compliant if the lsb.rpm is installed (which is not by default). The best solution is to create LSB compliant rpms and init scripts and require lsb.rpm to be pre-installed on Red Hat systems. However, for various reasons sometimes this requirement cannot be enforced. To create rpms and init scripts that can be installed on default Red Hat and SUSE (LSB) systems requires knowing how to support both environments. This document outlines how to create such init scripts and rpms.

11 Oct 2004
Detecting Underlying Linux Distro
This article will help you to understand how to determine which Linux distribution is installed. You can incorporate this into your application to detect Linux distro.

24 Sep 2004
YaST2 on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 9: Getting Started
YaST is a key difference between SUSE Linux and other Linux offerings.This article will help you to understand the internal working of YaST, from user, administrator and developer viewpoints. It provides steps to install the YaST SDK.

12 Feb 2004
Developer's Guide to Multiple OS Installation
Arun Singh details the setting up of a single machine that can be booted into different Operating Systems without using any additional software like Partition Magic. This paper covers the most complicated scenario of having DOS, NetWare, Windows and the two most popular distributions of Linux Operating systems (SUSE Linux and Red Hat) on a machine with one or more hard disks.

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