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11 Oct 2006
The History of ZENworks
In order to help people understand the future of ZENworks, Martin Buckley takes us on a quick review of its history. Check out this blog post to take a walk down memory lane.

13 Dec 2004
Configuring the ZENworks Linux Management Mirror to get Updates
Wondering how to configure ZENworks Linux Management for your environment? Here are two examples of how to use the ZENworks Linux Management Mirror - 'rcmirror' - to get updates. Enjoy!

07 Aug 2003
Policy-driven Personality Migration
Now available in PDF format! ZENworks for Desktops Personality Migration, provided by Miramar Systems Desktop DNA ZENworks Edition, is included in ZfD 4.0.1 and the ZENworks 6 suite. Here is a nicely detailed explanation of how to integrate ZENworks with Miramar Desktop DNA, from the Evil ZENworks Scientist himself.

20 Feb 2003
A Competitive Upgrade: LANDesk Management Suite to ZENworks for Desktops 4
Heads up all you LANDesk users looking to move up to ZfD4. Here's an AppNote that details how you do it.

30 Apr 2002
Customizing Software Inventory Scan with SWRules.ini
If you are trying to customize software inventory scan in ZfD 3.2, here's a little tip from the Evil ZENworks Scientist himself.

31 Oct 2001
ZENworks for Desktops and Microsoft Windows XP
ZENworks for Desktops 3.2 provides partial support for Windows XP Professional. Evil ZENworks Scientist Martin Buckley explains exactly what "partial" means.

18 Oct 2001
NetWare JVM Notes
Ever wonder why there are so many versions of the NetWare Java Virtual Machine (JVM)? Martin Buckley clears it up. Check out this Power Point Presentation from a Novell Master Class, and find out exactly which versions are best with ZENworks in different situations.

05 Oct 2001
ZENworks for Desktops 3.2 and NetWare 6
Using ZENworks for Desktops with NetWare 6 is a smart move. By using ZENworks for Desktops 3.2, you can easily deploy NetWare 6 services such as Novell iFolder and iPrint. Come see this article in Novell Connection by the Evil ZENworks Scientist.

13 Jun 2001
Building the ZENworks Imaging Kernel
We've had a number of questions about how to build a linux kernel to let you compile the drivers. Evil ZENworks Scientist Martin Buckley stepped up and supplied these instructions. Enjoy! (And beware what you ask for...)

30 May 2001
Imaging with Token Ring Cards
Evil ZENworks Scientist Martin Buckley explains how to automatically detect and use either Token Ring or Ethernet NIC in Linux boot process.

10 May 2001
NetWare Java Virtual Machine (JVM) and ZENworks
Evil Scientist Martin Buckley discusses which version of the NetWare JVM you should use with ZENworks for Desktops 3.0 and ZENworks for Servers 2.0.

19 Mar 2001
Making the Java Processes more Intuitive
Martin Buckley explains how to tag all those similarly-named java screens for easier identification in the NetWare Server console.

12 Feb 2001
Additional Macro Virus Protection Delivered Using ZENworks for Desktops 3.0
This article describes how to use ZENworks for Desktops policies to deliver a lockdown which turns off the Windows Scripting Host -- a common exploit used by many new viruses.

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