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04 May 2006
View and extract NDS group members.

03 May 2006
Configuring Microsoft Remote Desktop via NBM Proxy Services
Martin Zinaich shares this handy setup guide that enables network PCs to remote-control a PC or server on the Internet.

08 Dec 2005
Automating GroupWise Monitor on Windows and NetWare
The GroupWise Monitor Agent requires Windows or Linux and cannot be run as a NLM. Setting up GroupWise Monitor to be online automatically, all the time, is not as easy as one might think. The good news is, it is doable. In this configuration the "Agent" is running on a Windows server and the "Application" (Web) piece is running under NetWare Apache. Martin Zinaich shares the details.

15 Dec 2004
PASSChg 2.9 (Beta)
End user XP/NT/NDS/GroupWise password change and synchronize program for NetWare environments.

22 Jun 2004
Alerts end-users that their password is about to expire and allows them the option to change their password.

22 Jun 2004
Novell Password Reset
Reset passwords in a bindery, NDS or mixed environment.

22 Jun 2004
PASSChg 2.7
End-user XP/NT/NDS password change and synchronization program for NetWare environments.

08 Apr 2004
Cool Tool: EZPage - Simple Paging Software for GroupWise
Updated: EZpage uses NDS and the GroupWise address book to simplify paging for your end users. Once configured in NDS, all users need to do is pick the target user's name to send them a page. Compliments of Martin Zinaich.

06 Apr 2004
EZPage: Simple Paging Software
Use the GroupWise 5.5 or GroupWise 6 address book for sending pages.

18 Nov 2003
NDS ActiveX controls for Web-based authentication
Check out this freebie (GPL Licensing) from Martin Zinaich. It will help you develop Web pages based on a user's NDS information. Bet you can think of lots of ways to use this...

17 Nov 2003
NDS ActiveX controls for Web-based authentication.

05 Feb 2003
Blocking Browser Ads with Novell BorderManager
Waging battle against browser ads? Don't miss this great new AppNote. It discusses how to configure Novell BorderManager to block browser ads for all users within an enterprise.

13 Dec 2002
Cool Tool: Login Mini-Browser for NetWare
Check out this cool tool from Martin Zinaich that is a slimmed-down browser you can use to easily deliver company news and messages during a users login. Download it here.

11 Dec 2002
Login Mini-Browser for NetWare
Deliver company news and messages to users during their login.

20 Sep 2002
Internet Settings Policy Template File
Expose more of Internet Explorer's settings.

18 Jan 2001
Client32 upgrade logs Viewer
Just a little ditty to look at Client32 upgrade logs.

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