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Matt Asay
Director, Linux Business Office, Novell

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A Bit About Matt

Matt has been involved with Linux for the past few years, both professionally and academically. He is part of Novell's Linux Business Office and Open Source Review Board, where he helps to lay the strategic and business foundation for Novell's use of open source software. See The World According to Matt for additional biography.

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11 Feb 2004
The GPL: Understanding the License that Governs Linux -Part 2
In the second part of this series exploring the GPL, Matt Asay examines this question: if no one owns this stuff, why should anyone bother to improve it? In other words, does the GPL foster or stifle innovation in software?

16 Jan 2004
The GPL: Understanding the License that Governs Linux
Despite the critical role the GPL plays in the advance of Linux, not many people understand its terms. Columnist Matt Asay explains the GPL and how it relates to traditional copyright law, and explores how commercial software developers can legally benefit from this exceptional license.

05 Jan 2004
Software as Performance Art
What do live performances by Moby have in common with Open Source? Read this fascinating essay by Matt Asay.

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