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02 Jun 2005
Leveraging Your Electronic Communications Policy
Here's a tip from B Thavamani Rajan that will help your users refer to a company electronic communications policy when HTTP requests are made.

28 Apr 2005
Passing User Credentials to an Upstream Proxy
In this article by B.Thavamani Rajan, you'll learn how user information can be passed upstream to an NBM proxy or to the origin webserver. It's all about the new X-Authenticated-User Header Support ... get the details here.

16 Sep 2003
IP Address Management Framework: Managing Application IP Address/Port Configurations in NetWare 6.5
The IP Address Management framework is a centralized repository for managing applications' IP address/port associations. Check out this excellent new AppNote that introduces the key features, explains configuration scenarios, and shows the differences between the way it worked in NetWare 6 vs NetWare 6.5.

22 Jul 2002
Tuning the NetWare 6 TCP/IP Stack via SET Parameters
Bonus material for the highly techy among us. The AppNotes team has put together this piece explaining how to tune things like the TCP Retransmission Threshold from NetWare 6's command line.

28 Jun 2002
Tuning the NetWare 6 TCP/IP Stack via SET Parameters
Here's the latest in the continuing series of AppNotes articles by and for friends of NBM. Lots of goodies in here, including ways in which you can optimize the performance of the stack.

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