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04 Jan 2006
Keeping Users from Scheduling a Resource Too Far in Advance
Matthew Shuter shares a neat trick for preventing people from co-opting the most popular conference rooms for the entire foreseeable future (you know who you are.) Keep things fair with the help of this little tip.

22 Jun 2005
Deploying Printer Drivers to Multiple NetWare servers without using iManager
Ever need to deploy the same printer drivers to multiple NetWare servers without using iManager? Matthew Shuter shares a nifty idea that could save tons of time when you have to roll out print drivers on multiple systems. Great one, Matthew!

14 Aug 2003
Installing GroupWise Snapins into ConsoleOne
Matthew Shuter shares a batch file that makes it easier to install ConsoleOne GroupWise snapins on a local computer. Use it when installing the snapins for the first time, or when you need to update the snapins due to a service pack.

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