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Barry is an independent consultant from Scottsdale, Arizona. He has 18 years experience with personal computing and nine years hands on NetWare experience starting first in the corporate world. As well as being a Sysop on the Novell Support Connection, he is also a sysop with Corel's CTech program. He started his SysOp work in 1988 with Borland. His publications include a number of articles in Absolute Reference, Cobb journals, and work as a technical editor for Sybex.

The Complete Works of Barry

22 Jul 2002
Moving to New Hardware ... Gracefully
Here's a bit of information we plucked out of the support forums that details a clever way to upgrade your server hardware without changing a lot of your server settings. This also helps you avoid problems with other services on the network by making the upgrade transparent to them.

19 Jan 2000
Friendly Advice about Buying a New Fileserver
If you (or your client) have outgrown the speed and space of your fileserver and are thinking about buying a new one, you might like a little friendly advice about what to get.

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