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Michael Ducharme

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Mike enjoys Computers, Composing Music, and Science Fiction. He composes orchestral music as a hobby, and you can download some of his music from

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04 May 2005
Method of distributing Firefox with ZENworks

18 Oct 2001
ZENworks for Desktops 3.0 Patch Procedure
The large number of patches available for ZENworks for Desktops 3.0 causes some confusion and raises the question of which to apply and what order to apply them in when doing a new install. Michael Ducharme shares his nifty system that sorts it all out. Updated with news of soon-to-be-released ZfD3.0 SP1a.

15 Aug 2001
Configuring Address of Imaging Server
Michael Ducharme shares a nice tip that will help you configure imaging so that it is easy to move to another server later.

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