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23 Mar 2005
Install Linux Frequently, Without the Hassle
This document describes a means of reinstalling Linux frequently, while minimizing the effort needed to become productive on a new system. It also allows you to instantly and effortlessly rollback to a previous Linux OS if you aren't happy with a newly installed system. Some possible applications of these suggestions include trying a new Linux distribution, or staying up-to-date with the latest beta release of your favorite Linux distribution.

16 Nov 2004
How To Create RPMs and Init Scripts That Are Compatible On Both SUSE Linux and Red Hat Linux
SUSE by default is LSB compliant. Red Hat is LSB compliant if the lsb.rpm is installed (which is not by default). The best solution is to create LSB compliant rpms and init scripts and require lsb.rpm to be pre-installed on Red Hat systems. However, for various reasons sometimes this requirement cannot be enforced. To create rpms and init scripts that can be installed on default Red Hat and SUSE (LSB) systems requires knowing how to support both environments. This document outlines how to create such init scripts and rpms.

05 Dec 2003
Imaging Linux Systems with Rsync
These instructions are for setting up a single machine that can be booted into Redhat Advanced Server (RAS), United Linux (UL), or any other distributions. You can also use these guidelines to configure more or less masters and sandboxes to meet your needs. Rsync is the key to this simplified setup.

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