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21 Nov 2006
Getting "Spell As You Type" with WebAccess
Using WebAccess but missing the cool "spell as you type" feature of the GroupWise client? Mike Brady has a simple solution for you ...

28 Sep 2006
Using a USB Device with iFolder 3 and SLED 10
Mike Brady shares a cool tip on how to convert a folder on a USB drive to an iFolder, and then synchronize it with the iFolder server.

14 Sep 2006
Synchronizing Firefox Bookmarks between SLED 10, Open Suse 10.1, and Windows XP
If you use several machines with different OS's and want to keep your Firefox bookmarks synchronized, check out this tip from Mike Brady. He shows you how to synchronize your bookmarks between SLED 10, Open Suse 10.1, and Windows XP.

02 Jun 2005
Use Spell Check to Save Some Typing
Having to repeatedly type long phrases or words (like technical, scientific or medical terms) is boring. Read how Mike Brady uses Spell Check to save some typing.

05 May 2005
Share Your Calendar Using a Shared Folder instead of Proxy
When a user views your calendar using proxy, they can see all of your folders, and the number of unread messages - even if all they have is read access to your appointments. Mike Brady shares a tip on how to create a Shared Folder so the user can only see what's on your calendar.

04 May 2005
New feature in Service Pack 3 Version of NetStorage
If you use NetStorage much, you may have found it annoying when you needed to grab an entire folder of files. Well, problem solved!

07 Apr 2005
Workaround for Multiple Address Books and GroupWise PDA Connect
Mike Brady shares a cool tip on how he uses his personal address book and categories instead of multiple address books to sync with his Palm.

13 Oct 2004
Map a Windows Drive Letter to your NetStorage Drive
Are your end users baffled by the NetStorage interface? If they prefer to do everything through Windows drive mappings, this is the tip for you. Freshly updated.

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