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11 May 2004
Using IP Multicast Loop Option
Novell's N Subramanian explains how to use the IP_MULTICAST_LOOP option to control loopback delivery of multicast applications.

15 Jan 2004
AppNote: NBM 3.8 Access Rules: Some Do's and Don'ts
This AppNote discusses the recommended ways to configure access rules in Novell BorderManager 3.8 (NBM3.8) and provides details of tested and scalable limits of Access Rules at different eDirectory container levels. This document explains the global and specific rules that can be set on the server, and the criterion for choosing the duration to enable/disable ACLCHECK. This document also provides the information regarding the impact on performance across access rules at different eDirectory container levels.

14 Jan 2004
Providing Fault Tolerance to Multiple NICs with Different Addresses
Providing fault tolerance to multiple NICs bound to different network addresses is not possible in NetWare. Come see how you can use Virtual IP Address to accomplish the same purpose.

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