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The Complete Works of Nicolai

13 May 2004
Cool Tool: EasyCalendar v1.0
With EasyCalendar from IT Quality Aps, you can add holidays and company events into your GroupWise users calendars. Find out more and download a 5-user copy here.

24 Sep 2001
Organisator GUID Copy
Come get this new freebie from Nicolai Jensen. It allows you to do 'mass guid sync' on application objects in an NDS tree. It can be used to back up 'master' guids to a file as well.

23 Feb 2000
WAppAss 1.0
The motivation for writing this program is that I'm part of a team which manages fairly large networks, and the process of associating NAL objects in a lot of containers can take considerable time in our setup (WAN lines, NAL containers lying in every container etc., etc.) and every time something was changed, we had to fix the batch files as well, whoa nightmare.

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