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30 Oct 2007
Migrating GroupWise to OES 2 Linux
Here's a step-by-step process for moving your GroupWise system from NetWare to OES 2, courtesy of Norm O'Neal.

11 Apr 2006
Updating the GroupWise Time Server
Cool Solutions reader Norm O'Neal takes us through the steps for updating the server time for NetWare and GroupWise.

07 Jul 2005
Updated Readme - NMAS, Authentication, Secugen
Norm O'Neal sends us an updated readme article for NMAS Login Methods, Graded Authentication and Secugen Biometric Mice. As Norm says, this will save you some quality time in the near future. Thanks, Norm!

27 Apr 2005
Installing NMAS Methods for Secugen Biometric Mice
Here's a tip from Norm O'Neal that helps you get up and running with NMAS methods for biometric mice.

01 Jan 2005
Making Policies Work after Upgrade
We recently upgraded from ZENworks for Desktops 3.2 to 6.5. I began pushing out ZENworks Agents with the 3.2 NAL on the older server and realized that none of my policies were working. Especially the critical DLU.

27 Oct 2004
ISCSI initiator connecting to the target server
Norm O'Neal has been implementing a GroupWise and iPrint Cluster utilizing the ISCSI technology in the past week, and shares a quick tip that should save you some major time!

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