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03 Jun 1999
A 16-bit Backround
Let's start with what the 16-bit Client can do. For one, it can run under Windows 3.1 as well as Windows 95 and Windows NT 3.51 and 4.0. So if you want to move to GW 5.x, but your office has a mix of operating systems, 16-bit allows 3.1 users join in the GW 5.x party without having to pay the cover charge (for Win95).

03 Jun 1999
What's New In 5.2?
So, you want to know what's new with GroupWise 5.2. Well, pull up a seat; we've got some scoops for you. First off, we have the complete coolness of WebAccess for HTML 3 & Java. We also have the addition of WorkFlow and Imaging to the GroupWise Client. And then there's the Admin side of the clan....

01 Jun 1999
Scheduling Meetings Without Ever Leaving Your Desk
Scheduling isn't what it used to be: no more calling each person you want to invite to a meeting, no more guessing whether a room is going to be available, no more crying in your cubicle because you can't figure out if three o'clock on Friday is a good time to schedule a group hug. Why has scheduling become so fabulously easy, you ask? In a word: GroupWise

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