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01 Aug 2002
Performing Health Checks on Account Management 2.1
Patrice Clement works with some of Novell's largest accounts as a dedicated technical support resource. He's put some of his best gray matter to paper in this AppNotes article that covers how to keep your Account Management implementation healthy, wealthy and ... well, healthy anyway.

08 Jul 2002
Recovering Crashed Domain Controllers
Here's some sound advice from senior technical supporter, Patrice Clement, about using eDirectory to recover crashed domains, even if they're housed on NT servers.

03 Jun 2002
Got NT User Manager Problems? Here's a Solution
Here's some advice from the European Support Center's Patrice Clement for those of you trying to use NT User Manager to create users in eDirectory.

19 Mar 2002
Migrating Novell Account Management for Windows NT
As with many software upgrades, there's a process to these things. Patrice Clement details how to successfully move Novell Account Manager 2.1 from a Windows NT environment to a Windows 2000 environment.

01 Oct 2001
Active Directory Password Security
Have you ever created a new user and gotten a blank password on the AD account? Many people who encounter that consider it to be a huge security hole, and have written most eloquently about it. Jay Burrell adds a new suggestion to this article.

06 Mar 2001
Authenticating to Imported Workstation Objects
So how do you prevent having to login twice every time you want to restore an image? Patrice Clement tells all.

31 Jan 2001
Saving Changes in ConsoleOne Settings
If you've ever been in ConsoleOne and tried to make changes to the Client Configuration policy in the Workstation Package, you may have run into this. A lot of people find it difficult to save their changes, and keep going back again and again to figure out why they didn't take. Here's the scoop.

27 Jan 2000
Customizing the Login Splash Screen
Do you want your company's logo or slogan, (or your face?) to appear on the Login screen, so everyone remembers their raison d'etre every day when they fire up their machines? Novell does this at Brainshare every year, and we always get questions about how this was done. Here's how to do it on Win 95/98 and Win NT machines.

03 Nov 1999
Group Association of Policy Packages
This entry won the Reader's Choice Award, the grand prize of the ZENworks Tip Contest in 1999. This entry was also awarded 2nd-prize by the judges in a very close race. Patrice is an Escalation Engineer in the Novell European Support Center.

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